Seasonal Flowers

All of our Seasonal Flower Plants are grown here by Shankar Nursery Plants Ranchi, and so are available to you at their freshest and most healthy. We are the top seller nursery plants in Ranchi. We sell these seasonal flower plants ... Antirrhinum Argyranthemum Arctotis Bacopa Begonia bedding Begonia Bidens Calendula Calibrachoa Cineraria Convolulus Cosmos Dahlia Dianthus Dichondra Diascia Felicia Fuchsia Gazania Geranium Hedera Helichrysum Heliotrope Hibiscus Impatiens Isotoma Lobelia Lysimachia Marigold Marguerite Mesembryanthemum Mimulus Nasturtium Nemesia Nepeta Nicotiana Osteospermum Oxalis Pansy Petunia Salvia Sanvitalia Scaevola Sunflower Surfinia Stocks Sweet Peas Tagar Tagetes Thunbergia Verbena Viola etc...

Petunia Flower
Dahlia Flower
Marigold Flower
Hibiscus Flower
Salvia Flower
Antirrhinum Flower
Verbena Flower
Dianthus Flower
Argyranthemum Flower
Arctotis Flower
Rose Flower
Calendula Flower
Calibrachoa Flower
Convolvulus Flower
Cosmos Flower

Perennial Plants

Perennials, especially small flowering plants, that grow and bloom over the spring and summer, die back every autumn and winter, and then return in the spring from their root-stock, are known as herbaceous perennials. Our covered greenhouse is where we keep our Perennial Plants and young plants. Throughout the seasons, the plants here will change but you can guarantee it will be colourful and cheerful. Some are like Ixora Tecoma Tagar Rose Mandvellea Alstroemeria Gaillardia Veronica Phlox Paniculata Perennial Sage Asters Purple Coneflower Yarrow Peonies Threadleaf Coreopsis Daffodil Rangoon Creeper Moss Phlox Black-Eyed Susan etc...

Ixora Flower
Tecoma Flower
Tagar Flower
Mandevilla Flower
Alstroemeria Flower
Gaillardia Flower
Veronica Flower
Phlox Paniculata Flower
Asters Flower
Purple Coneflower Flower
Yarrow Flower
Peonies Flower
Threadleaf Coreopsis Flower
Rangoon Creeper Flower
Moss Phlox Flower
Black-Eyed Susan Flower

Decorative Plants

We sell large number of decorative plants for indoor, outdoor, garden, shade etc. Our plants are Dieffenbachia Sparkles Dracaena Song of India Areca Palm Money Plant Christmas Tree Ficus White Royal Palm Bonsai Trees Warneckii Compacta Rubber Tree Plants Fountain Grass Ornamental Foliage Plant Caladium Philodendron Asparagus Sprengeri Dracaena Godseffiana Cycas Revoluta Philodendron 'Gold Fire' Alternanthera Tenella Anthurium Andraeanum Asplenium Nidus Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Laurenti' Grammatophyllum sp. Plectranthus Scutellarioides etc...

Dieffenbachia Sparkles
Dracaena Song of India
Areca Palm
Money Plant
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
Ficus White
Royal Palm
Areca Palm
Bonsai Trees
Warneckii Compacta
Rubber Tree Plants

Forestry plants

We sell forestry trees like fruit trees and non fruit trees. Our trees are Mango Litchi Jamun Gmelina (Gamahar) Guava Teak Papaya Pomegranate Sheesham Banana Amla Ashok Lyptus (Eucalyptus) Coconut Plant Bonsai Drumstick Plant Sami Plant Gulmohar Annona Squamosa (Sita Phal) Lemonetc...

Guava Tree Plants
Mango Tree Plants
Litchi Tree Plants
Jamun Tree Plants
Teak Tree Plants
Gmelina (Gamahar)
Papaya Plants
Pomegranate Plants
Sheesham Tree Plants
Banana Tree Plants
Amla Tree Plants
Ashoka Tree Plants

Miscellaneous Nursery Plants Items

We sell a number of different Gardening Tools Sundries Compost Fertilizer Clay Pot Plastic Pot Hanging Pot Containers Flower Seeds Shade Net for gardens.

Plastic Pot
Clay Pot
Hanging Pot
Flower Seeds
Flower Seeds
Garden Tools
Shade Net
Watring Cans
Flower Tonic
Grass Mat